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Water & Sewer Services

Installation & Service Company is a fully licensed and insured water and sewer installation company. We provide a wide variety of installation and repair services for all types of water and sewer applications. We work for residential and commercial customers installing new service and repairing damaged existing service. Our experienced staff has the abilities to work with any type of water or sewer pipe and surrounding conditions.
If a sewer or water line repair requires a city street to be cut and disturbed, you can rest easy knowing that Installation & Service Company is fully licensed and bonded to cut city streets to allow for the water or sewer repairs to be performed. We also want our customers to rest easy knowing that should the event of a repair be required we will put your property back in the condition we found it.
Other services that Installation & Service CO. Inc. offers include installation of pressurized sewer lift pumps and sewage grinder pumps. For your protection needs you can count on Installation & Service Company for installation of fire protection water line service and in house risers to feed service inside of a new or existing building.
In Wyoming our winters are rough and with the subzero temperatures that can occur in our state sometimes water lines do freeze. If this happens to you, remember you can call us to thaw out your water lines. We have a customer designed machine that can thaw a frozen water line no matter what material the pipe is made from.
Installation & Service Company is your number one choice for any type of water and sewer services you may need because at Installation & Service Company we have the water and sewer service experience you can trust.
Asphalt - Asphalt Paving in Mills, WY

Asphalt Paving

Installation & Service Company Inc. also offers a wide variety of asphalt paving services. We have all the equipment that is needed to do a job of any size ranging from the smallest hand asphalt patch to the largest complete road construction. Installation & Service Company has completed asphalt paving projects statewide ranging from residential driveways to commercial parking lots, state roadways, city streets, campgrounds and even private drives.
Installation & Service Company can provide all the necessary measures to figure and produce bid proposals for asphalt projects that will fit your needs in a costly and efficient manner. We also can provide traffic control services and street markings. Installation & Service Company is your one stop shop for all your asphalt paving needs, at Installation & Service Company we have the paving experience you can trust.
Machine - Septic Pumping in Mills, WY

Septic/Pump/Grease Trap - Pumping, Service, & Installation

Installation & Service Company is also your one stop shop for all your Septic, Sump, and Grease Trap needs. Our state of the art Vacuum Truck has a custom designed blower pump that can pump your septic tanks, grease traps, and sumps in half the time as a standard vacuum truck. We service residential and commercial customers statewide at an affordable price and will leave you tanks clean as new after our quality service.
Installation & Service Company is a fully licensed and insured installer of septic systems, grease traps, and sumps. For over 30 years we have worked with County Health Departments statewide on installation of new systems for residential and commercial customers. Between our trusted service experience and health code regulations we can custom design a system to fit each and every one of your septic, grease trap, or sump needs.
If service is all you need Installation & Service Company provides the best. We also offer repair services for any type of service issue that may arise with your septic system, grease trap, or sump. If you have a plugged line our trusty sewer jet can solve the problem, or if the line is too small for the sewer jet, our trained professionals can clean your lines with a simple Hot Water Pressure Washer. Installation & Service Company has the experience with septic systems, grease traps, and sumps you can trust.

How Do Septic Tanks Work?
Excavation - Excavations in Mills, WY


For all your dirt work and excavation needs you can rely on the trusted experience of Installation & Service Company. There is not an excavation project we can't handle. For over 25 years we have completed jobs for various residential and commercial customers that range from dirt road construction, campgrounds, leveling, grading, and retaining wall construction. Along with leveling and grading you will also find our trusted experience in grading for storm drain systems and catch basins.
If you ever been to a motocross or monster truck event chances are you've seen our work. Every time a motor event takes place at the Casper Event Center or Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Installation & Service Company is who hauls in the dirt so the big boys can play. Our experience excavation equipment operators know what it take to build dirt mounds for the motor heads to provide their viewers some top notch entertainment. As you can clearly see Installation & Service Company has the excavation experience you can trust.