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Installation & Service Company is a rapidly growing Wyoming-based family business that was founded in 1981 by Dan and Judy Spurgin as a sole proprietorship with themselves as the only employees. The company started with a single backhoe, vacuum truck, and a dump truck. Looking to diversify, the company began to offer services in water/ sewer installation, septic, grease trap, and sump pumping service and repair, as well as asphalt paving and excavation.
Today, the company has over 15 full time employees and operates out of a beautiful 7,500 square foot facility in Mills that was custom designed to fit the needs of the rapidly growing company. Nobody knows water, sewer, utility contracting or asphalt installation like Installation & Service Company. Our customer service is unmatched in staffing, experience and background. We service various customers statewide, and when people look for quality and experience Installation & Service Company is the first name that comes to mind. Thank you for visiting our website; we look forward to doing business with you. At Installation & Service Company, we can provide "Experience you can trust."


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Installation & Service Company is a Wyoming based and founded family business that was founded in 1981 by Dan and Judy Spurgin as a sole proprietorship with themselves as the only employees. The company started with a single backhoe, Vacuum Truck, and a dump truck and was operated out of their living room and rented shop space. Upon the foundation of the company the famous ISCO diamond was born and Installation & Service Company also became known as ISCO. In the early days of ISCO the company focused on water and sewer line repair along with septic pumping and installation. Throughout the early 1980's the company branched out into grease trap and sump pumping along with installation of new grease trap and sump systems. In 1983 ISCO moved the equipment and shop space to a 2,800 square foot location in Mills where the company would operate out of for the next 28 years, unbeknownst to the Spurgin family.
In 1985 ISCO decided to broaden its horizons even more with the purchase of its first Asphalt Paving Machine. Since then Installation & Service Company has grown into a full service paving operation offering services from small patch work, parking lot installation, all the way up to complete new road construction.
Also, in 1985 Installation & Service Company saw another golden opportunity to expand its line of work even more with the purchase of a machine to perform Live Water Taps. Since 1985 ISCO remains the only private non-government entity in the entire state of Wyoming with the capabilities to tap a live water main to install water service to new construction buildings. In 1989 Installation & Service Company relocated its headquarters from the Spurgin residence to a mobile home in Coleman Lane Park which bordered the shop yard where ISCO's shop had called home since 1983.
Throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's Installation & Service Company continued to grow, while constantly updating equipment and expanding into new lines of work such as dirt work and excavation along with snow removal in the winter months. With the cold winters that Wyoming is known for, ISCO also manufactured its own water line thawing machine and began to thaw frozen water lines for many Casper residents and commercial establishments.
In 1992 ISCO decided to break into equipment hauling with the purchased of its first semi-truck and trailer. Since then Installation & Service Company has hauled oversized construction equipment internally as well as for customers statewide.
In 1995 ISCO realized the company had outgrown the mobile home where its office was located and upgraded to a larger unit with more square feet, again unbeknownst to the Spurgin family this is where there office would remain located for another 17 years.
In 2007 ISCO decided that after 26 years of a solid company that it was time to incorporate and solidify this decade's old family business. As of January 1, 2007 Installation & Service Company became the corporation known as ISCO Inc. (Installation & Service CO. Inc.) 26 years after it originally opened its doors.
In 2011 Installation & Service CO. Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary.
In 2012 Installation & Service Company realized once again that the company had outgrown the office the company called home for 17 years and the shop yard that was home for 31 years and plans began to build the new state of the art 7,500 square foot Installation & Service Company headquarters. Today ISCO is proud to call this brand new building home, where our shop space and offices and under one roof and ISCO has the yard space it needs to accommodate the many different pieces of equipment that are the backbone of this Wyoming based and founded company.
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