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Frequently Asked Questions at ISCO in Mills, WY

Q. When digging is required on my property for construction work do I call for utility locates or do you?
Q. How often should I have my septic tank pumped?
Q. How do I know if a septic system is working properly?
Q. Do I need a permit to install a septic system?
Q. What is a percolation test?
Q. What could I do to maintain the bacteria in my septic system?
Q. I am a restaurant owner and I am curious how often I should have my grease trap pumped?
Q. How do I remove the tree roots from inside of my sewer lines without replacing the entire line?
Q. I have a water leak inside of my home; can I call you to repair it?
Q. If my septic tank backs up on a Sunday can I still have it pumped?
Q. What are the specifications for live water taps?